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>> i am charley crowson. one headline this morning on one of the ipad newspapers i read says stinking rich. and some estimates she could get in excess of a million dollars to tell the story in a movie. >> that's going to make a lot of you angry. we are asking you to weigh in on the facebook fan page. give us your thoughts. but in the meantime, steamy out there yesterday. >> back to summer. that's exactly what it felt like and i blame. >> no. >> she is going to smile and she is going to-- >> she is so sweet how could she. >> the beautiful toothy smile. lynette this is on your shoulders. >> charley. >> o. oh, no. >> good job. >> you are right, it's going to be steamy and we will be continued hot and temperatures in the 90s. and we do have an air quality alert out there. it's code orange once again and we have showers and tomorrows possible as we go into the afternoon. speak of the showers -- spending of the showers and --
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speaking of the showers and storms, in virginia, if your travels take you towards winchester, you are going to run into that. but all in all, things around town and home, we are nice and dry as of now. like i said, as we go into the afternoon, we do have the chance of a shower and thunderstorm to pop up. better chance than what we have been seeing. here the air quality alert once again, the only people that are clear of this for today is the eastern shore. let's show you traffic. i am not going to show you. tonya is going to show you. >> reporter: you can do it if you wantwant. >> no, i am good. >> reporter: we are okay 70 eastbound. 795 southbound is fine out of reisterstown. let's look at 895 south of o'donnell. a little heavier traffic southbound to the right of the screen. no incidents in your way, though. we do have an accident that has been there for a while. since last night. joppa road south of pulaski highway a. pole is on a car being cleaned u also construction west pratt street between hopkins and south calvert affecting two lanes in
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both directions. megan. >> thanks. the verdict is in this morning and it stunned many of you. jurors in the casey anthony case found her not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. linda so is live this morning with why so many people are infuriated with the verdict this morning. linda. >> reporter: yeah, well, we have been here talking to people coming in and get being their papers and coffee this morning. many are just sad for caylee anthony and say it's all about her. the two-year-old you see the pictures with her bright smile. many are sad there's no justice for caylee. we don't know how or why she died and may never know why. emotions certainly ran high outside the courtroom when the verdict was read yesterday. people were shouting and screaming that the jury got the verdict all wrong. casey anthony was acquitted of all but the least serious charges against her. the jury found her not guilty of murdering her daughter caylee. not guilty of child abuse or manslaughter. but jurors did convict her on
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four misdemeanor counts of lying to police. prosecutors spent countless hours on the case and a lot of money. still, it was not enough to eliminate all reasonable doubt. >> what one my former client says this acquittal is the evidence was not therech the prosecution overreached and used junk science and attempted to overwell the lack of evidence with character assassination and the mob mentality, you know, there's all this talk sometimes about drinking the cool aid. the prosecution did too. they did not have evidence of a homicide. they didn't have evidence of a murder. >> reporter: casey anthony will be sentenced tomorrow. she face up to a year in prison on each of the four counts of lying to police but many legal experts believe that she could walk free. we are live in towson, linda so, abc2 news. this morning, a sign of solidarity for people who want to honor caylee anthony. a facebook group is calling for
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everyone to leave their porch lights onto honor her short life. one and a half million people so far have joined the group on facebook. the lights were turned on at 9:00 last night and they are said to be kept on until 6 tomorrow morning. the creator of the group says that it's one night for each year of caylee's life. and the story is causing so much emotion with so many of you and a lot of you are speaking out. especially on facebook this morning. charley is over at our interactive news center checking out what you are saying. what are people saying? >> they are saying so much about this. we have asked you out there throughout the night to weigh in on this topic. and so much response has been throughout the facebook page we reasked the question about 15 minute ago and already many of you are responding this morning. marlow says the justice system doesn't care about our kids. this is not the first time the state florida messed up on a vote. tracy says just as shocked and disgusted as i was when i heard
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about this. and thursday, in all likelihood case anthony will walk free. that's according to tracy this morning. melissa says still not happy with their decision, but back to tracy's comment. as you noticed and as linda pointed out, casey anthony was found guilty on four of the lesser charges for lying to investigators. each of those care yeas one- year sentence tote -- carries a one-year sentence totaling 4 years she has been in jail for three years. so it's possible the judge will tell her to go for time served. but on facebook this morning, and many twitter celebrities this morning are weighing in. kim kardashian says casey anthony found not guilty i am speechless. carson daley on a his twitter says that jury better get into height hying. now back to you in -- hiding. now back to you. abc will air a one-hour special looking at the casey anthony story showing the start from the search for the 2-year- old up until verdict. yesterday that very -- that special will take place and
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replace the regular schedule night line prime time beyond belief. it start tonight at 10. you can catch it on abc2. six minutes after six. city officials worry there will be violence after the 4th of july celebration that could keep people away from the inner harbor. despite a massive police deployment, a child was shot in the leg on monday night at the intersection of pratt a light streets. he is expected to be okay. but a man was stabbed in the neb and killed outsight mccormick and schmick's. the mayor and complies missioner are -- police commissioner are concerned about the impact of violence on future gatherings. >> there's no question, it's a challenge in the face of the two incidents. there's no question. >> police say that someone near the scene took this photo of a person of interest in that stabbing. the investigation they are hopefully somebody will identify the person and call police. their job is to protect and serve. when a police officer knocks on
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your door identifying themselves, in all likelihood you on the door right? that's what the the suspects are hoping you do and this morning sherrie johnson is live with more on the police impersonators and they are robbing homes throughout the city, sherie. >> reporter: we are here in front -- sherrie. >> reporter: we are here in front of baltimore headquarters where they are trying to figure out what's going on. the latest incident happened in the 2800 block of garrison avenue. it seems to follow a familiar pattern. three men force their way into the home about 5:30 in the morning. when they got inside, they tied up the people and ransacked thehousech the same thing happened at two other homes. one and june 27th in northeast baltimore on medford and the other on july 1st in federal hill. police say it's robbery and disturbing they call themselves police officers. >> they went to the home and identified they selves as
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baltimore police officers and bound and tied up their victims, took-disclosed amounts of cash -- took an-disclosed amount of cash and a wii game system and electronics from the house and this was at 5:30 a.m. >> reporter: the latest incident they say thank goodness no one was hurt. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks. abc2 working for you this morning with tips should someone identifying themselves as a police officer should they knock on your door. first call 911 ask the dispatcher to confirm the officer's identification. ask that officer to show you a badge or photo id and ask the office aer in question what department he or she is from and what the badge number is. now a legitimate officer should be able to answer the questions without any hesitation. well evidence has shown we are living longer and longer these days. >> but living to the age of 150. one doctor says it's t only
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possible but inevitable. what tools you need to cure aging. and an unusual sight this morning. ahead, what are meteorologist calling this weather event. you have to stick around to hear the answer. lynette charles will tell you what's going on and what's happening. >> whcruionught in is kind of o ordinary. first we will head up to new york and get a look at the latest business news happening right now. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, have gas price hit bottom? analyst say for this summer, yes. they may drift a little lower. gas is down 21 cents in the past month. but just a penny in the past week. companies are pulling their ads from british tabloid accused of interfering in a child abduction case. news of the world allegedly hacked a voice mail of a missing girl later found murdered. customers are sending advertisers messages on twitter demanding a boy scottthe twiter
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is seek more private financing. it could be valued as high as $7 billion. by not going public, they give themselves more time to develop a profitable business model. they are going nuts in china over cash yous as a result of the healthier eater. the price for cash yews and other nuts are soaring worldwide. that's business news i am peggy bunker.
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now "good morning maryland." and welcome back. employees at a los alamos national laboratory will go back to work today. the threat posed by the wild fires is -- has passed.
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residents were able to go home sunday after being evacuated more than a week ago. the fire is the largest of for the state of new mexico. so check this out. a cnn i reporter to being photographs of a funnel cloud near elkton, michigan. no reports of damage or injuries but you can see a funnel cloud straight down to the ground. here's something most us don't see every day a. kind wall wall of dust over mesa, arizona. local meteorologist says it packed wind close to 70 miles an hour. now, lynette charles broke this to us so we are going to weather this morning as you see the dust cloud continuing to form. lynette. >> yes. >> what is the meteorological term for that. haboob h-a-b-o-o-b. haboob. >> that's science people. >> sighs en. >> haboob. >> our producer told me i can't
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say that. >> you can't say it, but i can. >> yes. >> we are not dealing with any had abboos and they usually happen in -- haboobs they usually happen in dry regions. check out moisture around here. dew points in the upper 70 -- 60s to around 70. very oppressive and sticky. yucky outside and you are going to be feeling that heading through the remainder of today. and going through the rest of the week, temperatures right now coming in at 72 degrees in baltimore. dulles at 71. 65 in york and 70 in hagerstown and 72 in winchester. 73 in charlotsville. satellite and radar not picking up on a lot. we will get a sun cloud mix going throughout the day today. thinking we have have a chance for showers and thunderstorms as we go into the afternoon as well. the reason why is always because we have the stationer'sy front flickering -- stationer'sy frontflick -- stationary front flyingering back and forth. -- flickering back and forth.
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lots of moisture in the forecast for us i talked about the showers and thunderstorms. the storm prediction center does us in a slight risk for severe weather. if we get it, it will be in the form of damaging winds and hail. but check out where this is in southern maryland. so, all in all, we pretty much will be out of the woods a bit to get. again, it's a slight risk but it will be in southern maryland. weep keep you update on storm activity. future radar picking up on what's going on. showers and thunderstorms possible going into the afternoon. today, tomorrow, and even into friday, you are going to need the rain gear. we had the summer activity pattern. 92 for today, hot and humid. showers and thunderstorms will continue as we go through tonight with the temperature coming in right around 70 degrees. tomorrow, right around 90. and that humidity is going to stay with us and the thunderstorms are going to be possible once again. all right. you have my technical term for the weather haboob. what do you have. >> reporter: i don't have any
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technical terms that are really cool. that's the haboob. we are starting to get incidents, though, unfortunately. let's look at 695 at wilkins, traffic is moving smoothly here in both directions. no problems to report. looking at 50 eastbound at bay bridge, a disabled vehicle blocking one lane. and in howard county, an accident 95 northbound at route 100. also an accident on the inner loop at hammond ferry road. 6:16. health news this morning. a report says there's been toolittle progress in tackling how the symptoms of heart diseasediffer in men and women. some symptoms in women don't show up in standard cardiac test and women have more likely to die in the first year of getting a heart attack. doctors say even if a test find no blockage in at-risk women, they can suffer are heart disease. part of the reason for such a lack of understanding is
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because heart related studies still don't focus enough on women. all right. there may be a new weapon in the battle of the bulge. apparently there are several different types of fat. for example, brown fat which is considered good fat burns calories. more calories at least than white fat which doesn't. we don't know what the difference is in food but authors of the study in the journal sell me tab lamb. the report, experiments in mice transformed white fat into brown fat and muscle. the mice showed improveed blood sugein alevel. it's a long way from use in people. but however, the author says it offers new promise in the obesity ep -- epidemic. a study found extensive laziness can increase a woman's risk of pulmonary embolism which occurs when a blood clot travels through the bloodstream and lodges in the main artery
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lead together lungsch the most at risk was women sitting for more than 41 hours a week outside of work. the least at risk group, sat for less than 10 hours a week. again, post work hours. looking around, is that person who is under 20 in the room? i have three women under 20 in this room. >> good answer. >> now look at the person you could be looking at the first person on their way to 150 years old. all right. so you got that to look forward to which is nice. the doctor predicts the first person to live to be 150 is already born and says in our lifetime we could have the tours to cure aging and banish disease. to date, the longest living person lived 122 years. the doctor says the more times we have with science, the better we get and in his view the first person will live to 1,000 -- what? live to a thousand?
6:19 am
that's like mathews laand those born less than 20 years after the person with 150th birthday night 6:19. we have to show you this. a thousand. >> a thousand. look at this.>> a horse got on the whose on an ohio highway running about 8 miles before police could stop it. dash cam video from the police cruiser shows that running right -- shows it running down the middle of the grass median. two police officers tried to box him in to slow him down e was returned to its own -- he was returned to his owner uninjured. it escaped from a farm while in the process of being moved. >> wilber. >> at least a happy ending right? >> a thousand. why do you want to live for a millennium. >> imagine all the changes you could see. could be fascinating. coming up, imagine being on the highway when all of a sudden it banishes. >> that is reality for some in
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china, how rescue crews got them safely to the other side. and the royals are cook and singing and landing helicopterers in canada, but the trip was not all about fun. what's on the schedule for today. time to look at today's birth days and say happy belated birthday going out to darren who celebrated yesterday. beautiful smile. the picture is of her wearing a african wedding attire. if you have an interesting photo or a birthday, anniversary, pet,cute baby, send it to morning show at and give us the information behind the picture so we can pass it along to everybody else. ♪ the rich aroma gets you up
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news time 6:23. attorneys for former imf chief dominic strauss-kahn will meet with prosecutors wednesday morning at a manhattan district attorney's office. the reason why is a lawyer for the french author who claims he tried to rape her during a book interview says that she filed a
6:24 am
criminal complaint with the paris prosecutor's office tuesday night. strauss-kahn called her account imaginary. and threatened to file a criminal complaint of slander against her. a daring rescue in china. look at this. problems continue because of mudslide in the area. the highway was washed away by the fast moving waters and stranded several people who were unable to cross to the other side. you can see why. you can see crews using construction equipment to scoop them to safety. they are all okay. crews are fixing the strep of highway and they -- stretch of highway and they hope to make it passable by tonight. the duke and duchess of cambridge continue their first official trip as a married couple in canada on wednesday morning. today, william and kate will leave for yellow knife for the northern alberta town of slave lake to meet with those affected by wild fires in may. yesterday, though, the day was full in the capital city of the northwest territories after some events downtown, they met
6:25 am
withcanadian rangers where they toured a college for the aboriginal studies that operates the area. >> they are in southern california. >> they are going on the 8th. a few weeks ago we told you about teachers changing answers to tests in baltimore city. it is happening again but this time in a state further south. >> teachers in atlanta accused of having some erasing parties with the kids' test scores to improve them. and fireworks don't always go as planned. incredible video of an explosion that didn't happen in the night sky. this happened a little closer. >> reporter: it happened again. police impersonators rob another home. coming up, baltimore city police need your help to catch them.
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ah. [ female announcer ] using less never felt so good. we all go... why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft. now "good morning maryland." a dozen jurors took 11 hours to come up with a verdict in the casey anthony trial. and that verdict shocked a nation. reaction this morning. she disappeared -- he disappeared 13 years ago and his family knows what happened to him. how a confession hundreds of miles away gives a family closure. and if there's a knock at the door and they say it's the police you may think twice
6:29 am
about opening. it could be thieves trying to rob your home. we will tell you what's going on with this on this wednesday morning, it's july 6th. good morning. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. very hot and steamy out there yesterday. but it looks like the weekend might look good. we have to talk about today, first. here's meteorologist lynn jet charles. i am always look forward to the weekend. >> me too -- lynette charles. >> i am always looking forward to the weekend. >> me too as we look at maryland's most powerful -- maryland's most powerful radar you have to drive to virginia to get the showers and thunderstorms trying to move in. this is right around front royal where we are seeing showers and thunderstorms and off towards the west of middleburg. then we are dealing with a little thunderstorm. you can see lightning in this right around the stanley area. new market just to the east of that and to the west of lor ray. so -- lore. dealing with wet weather. going through the rest of today, we will see showers and thunderstorms popping up going into the afternoon around here. mp
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